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Nestling in a fold of the Cotswolds Hills, Chipping Campden owes much of its beauty to the design skills of the 15th century craftsmen who built the gently-curving, honey-coloured High Street. Many appreciate Campden for just that glimpse of the past. And yet behind the golden façades, a new generation of creative individuals and businesses is thriving.


The town was a magnet for "arts & crafts" creatives in the early 20th century and this has left a creative legacy that is blossoming again in the early 21st century. Come and visit us to see for yourself the wealth of talent on offer.


Artists, writers, graphic designers, photographers, jewellers, digital media providers and musicians are amongst the many to whom Chipping Campden is home.

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The Chipping Campden Music Festival each May spearheads the wonderful music that can be enjoyed in Chipping Campden. There is also a great "Winter Subscription Season", one-off concerts, live music in pubs and cafés, and a number of musicians from Generation Jones to Julian Lloyd Webber live in and around Chipping Campden.


The arts & crafts movement believed useful things should also be beautiful and this ethos is reflected in the contemporary designs of Robert Welch  homewares, Louise Pocock hats, Emma Clegg ceramics, Cherry Press printing, Jeremy Green furniture, Aneata Boote jewellery  and other "makers" in the area.


The visual arts, especially fine painting, are well represented in the town with Campden Gallery and the Gallery at the Guild both offer exciting paintings by contemporary artists to art lovers and collectors. Many artists like David W Birch, Geoffrey Jackson and Sam Wilson live in the area and have their own studios that can be visited by appointment.


Campden provides a welcome and ideal working conditions for the modern world of digital creatives such as Red Lemon who provide Design, Branding development, Video and Animation, Loose Chippings who are book publishers and designers and Art of Memory who provide digital media services.


Campden draws inspiration from that very special period in design that created the arts & crafts style. The Hart family, one of the original families that moved to Campden from London to set up the Guild of Handicraft in 1902, are still producing immaculate silver and gold pieces and Court Barn Museum is a must visit for anyone with an interest in this style.


The Chipping Campden Literary Festival celebrates the written word and is attended by more and more visitors each year. Poets and other authors live in and around the town which has a rich history of writers including TS Eliot who wrote Four Quartets at the nearby Burnt Norton House which is now the setting for the Burnt Norton Centre for the Literary Arts Foundation.

Getting Creative


If you work in a creative discipline, live in the area or are thinking of moving here, do get in touch and join the Creative Campden group of the Campden Business Forum.

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Creative Enjoyment


Those who enjoy the fruits of creative talent find that Campden has a huge variety to choose from. Spearheaded by a world class music festival each May, there is something to enjoy throughout the year. To find more activities in Chipping Campden visit Campden Business Forum and search for Culture & Creativity in the Town Directory.

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